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    Do you know any runners with injuries?

    The reason I ask is that I’ve been injured for quite a while due to falling off a ladder, and I have a few tips about how to tackle getting back to running afterwards, so perhaps you could forward this to them.

    I’ve just had an operation which will enable me to get back into running properly again. We’ll see over the next few days how successful it has been, but so far, first impressions seem good!

    How to get back to running after injury

    Once you are ready to run again you need a plan. A plan to keep you on track. A plan to stop you going too nuts and just getting injured again!

    Here’s my plan.

    I’ll start with the end in mind. The end goal is to be able to run 5K non-stop without any issues. Once I reach that point, I know I’m safe to follow my own plan of advancement, all the way up to any distance I choose.

    To reach that point safely, I’m starting with walking. It’s 3 days after my operation and it’s 7 days till the stitches come out. I’ll be walking a little bit each day.

    I’ll also be doing the physio the hospital advised. All the physio exercises are super basic and easy, but there’s a reason for that. They have just cut my knee open, so any exercise needs to be just that – simple to perform (any idiot can do them) and easy to perform (no chance of injury by overdoing it too soon).

    Many people get “fixed” and think physio can be skipped. Don’t be them – do your easy exercises. Reactivate the muscles that haven’t been used. Get them used to using the full range of motion.

    After a couple of weeks, I’ll be walking loops from my house to see how far I can walk without pain. Loops are a good option because if I have any issues, I’m never too far from home.

    Once I can walk for 60 minutes non-stop without issue, I’ll try cycling. Nice and easy on the lungs, heart and legs, with no impact.

    If cycling proves easy enough, I’ll do my own beginner runners course. This will start to build up the strength in my legs again with a safe, gradual progression. This involves a mixture of walks and runs, over 11 weeks.

    I’ll do balance exercises to check how much difference in stability has drifted in while nursing one of the knees, and promote proprioception.

    I’ll work on my running form – which areas have suffered or got into bad habits.

    Changing the plan

    Most importantly, I’ll change the plan if I need to. If at any point it seems like I’m pushing too fast, I’ll step back and come up with alternative sessions or extra rest until it’s safe.

    If you want to avoid getting injured in the first place, there are some great tips in my free injury avoidance course.

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