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    After the last email in which I talked about all the different types of strength training for runners and reasons for doing them, I thought it would be good to give you some examples of the type you can do at home. Here are a couple of sessions I’ve done at home recently:


    4-5 Rounds of the following:

    6 each side SHOULDER PRESS – using your heavy object (e.g. 4 pint milk carton filled with water), stand tight and strong tummy and butt tight. With no twisting, press the bottle overhead to full extension. Adjust the weight according to your ability.

    Some (12?) PUSH UPS (I did 12 each time because I can do around 20 max controlled)

    Some (24?) SIT UPS – Try Ab Mat sit ups, so soles of feet together, knees apart, lie on the floor with a pillow under your lower back, with arms extended behind your head along the floor – throw your arms forward to help you sit up, until sitting up nice and straight..

    Some (48?) GLUTE BRIDGES – Lie on the floor and pull your feet back until you can just touch them with your hands. Then relax the arms. Hold the feet and knees together throughout. Now lift your bum off the deck until the body and thighs are in a straight line. Repeat.

    I managed 4 Rounds of that lot.


    Here’s another session:

    PUSH UPS X10 reps

    PULLS UPS X5 (if you have a pull up bars)

    TRICEP DIPS X10 (facing upwards, put your hands behind you on the side of the sofa, legs out in front and dip down)

    BICEP CURLS X10 (put something heavy in a carrier bag)

    BENT OVER ROW X10 each side (bag again)

    Repeat everything above X4 Rounds, then:

    SIDE PLANK – on elbow Rside Lside 30sec on 30 sec off X3

    LEG RAISES – on back hold something fixed behind your head & raise legs up & over your head slow controlled. X6-8 reps. Rest 1 min. X5

    MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS – full straight arm plank position and bring alternating knees up to your chest, a bit like running. 20 sec hard 10sec rest for 3-4 mins

    FULL PLANK – on hands, straight arms with a shoulder tap 10 each side rest 1 min. Repeat till form is fading (X4?)


    I hope you don’t need me to tell you this, but warm up before starting any strength session!

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